The Myths About Metal Roofing

Houston Metal Roofing

Metal Roofing

Chance of Lightning

When you own a Houston home with metal roofing, there’s no increase in the possibility that it will get hit by lightning. The metal roofing would actually disperse the lightning if any were to strike it. Houston metal roofing also isn’t flammable or combustible, so there’s a very low risk of fire using this type of roofing material. It’s actually safer to use metal roofing when lightning is a concern because the roof can’t catch on fire.

The Noise

Some people think that this metal roofing Houston is going to be louder than other roofing types, but this just doesn’t occur. With the underlayment your
Houston metal roofing contractor installs your roof will be silent, and you won’t hear the rain, hail or other weather on your roof. A metal roof is better for noise reduction than most other roofing types.


The metal roofs designed today with proper maintenance can last a lifetime. They have a coating made of zinc and aluminum that eliminates the problems with rusting issues. There’s also paint applied to this coating for a very durable and long lasting roof without issues with rust.


This type of roof won’t have problems with dents, and it can withstand a lot of abuse from the elements for decades. Metal roofs have a 150 mph wind rating which is about the same as an F2 tornado. The meat roof is perfect for the average winter wind storm where other roofs would be damaged with tiles torn off.


A metal roof is exceptionally durable. You can actually walk on metal roofs without a lot of trouble, and the roof won’t take any damage. It’s always best to talk with the roof installer, however, to determine the exact durability of your roof as there may be specific instructions for walking on your roof.

An Estimate

The shape of the roof and the style of roof you want will determine what type of estimate you’ll get from an installer.
Find a metal roofing contractor Houston who can visit your home, look at the roof that you have and give you the various options in metal roofing that are available to you.


Mold Allergies Can Be Avoided

Controlling the Moisture is the Key

Allowing excessive moisture is the primary cause of mold growth in the home and the resulting mold allergies. Controlling the moisture requires some regular maintenance. This mostly involves inspecting for water leaks from appliances or pipes. If there is a leak there will be mold, and if the problem is ignored, it will eventually require mold remediation. Out of season allergies, can be warning that mold is present.

Mold Allergy Symptoms

More than ever before more people are suffering from exposure to mold. Most don’t have a clue what it is because they are not familiar with mold allergy symptoms. They tend to think they have the flu or that they are getting run down from a hectic schedule. It typically isn’t until significant health issues arise that they decide to go to a doctor.

Learning to Identify the Symptoms of Mold Allergy

mold allergiesBeing able to identify mold allergy symptoms can help you to realize what is going on. The sooner you recognize the problem, the faster you can make a full recovery. When you discover mold in your home the first thing you should do is find a mold remediation contractor Austin and get the mold removed and your home clean. Mold is found in homes, at places of business, and even where you work. So, almost everyone can be at risk of exposure to it. However, everyone can react differently. The symptoms may start out mild, but then they increase in severity over time.


Most people do not think much about it when they are sneezing. It can be due to particles in the air; they may be getting a cold, or some other factors. They typically will sneeze and then forget about it. Constant sneezing is one of the standard mold allergy symptoms though. Especially when someone is sneezing more than usual.


Exposure to mold can cause a dry cough that can be persistent, with nothing is coming out. Many people feel a cough is due to the dry temperatures or other factors. They do not feel sick, so they do not think too much about it. They may drink more fluids or suck on cough drops to help limit the noise. It is possible for sleep to be interrupted due to the coughing.

A Runny Nose

A runny nose is often the sign of either allergies or a cold. If what is coming out of the nose is clear then it is typically due to allergies. The color of green or yellow indicates that a person has a cold or maybe a sinus infection. With mold allergy symptoms what is coming out can be clear or colored and that makes it even harder for someone to realize what is triggering the problems.

A Stuffy Nose

A stuffy nose can be as annoying as one that is continuously running. A stuffy nose can make it difficult to breathe and very hard to get a good night of rest. This is one of the mold allergy symptoms that people often don’t recognize as anything meaningful. They may again think that they have a cold or that they have a seasonal type of allergy.

Irritated Eyes

The eyes can become very irritated due to mold, so you want to pay attention to such symptoms. The eyes may be dry or watering. They can be red and itchy as well. Irritated eyes are a universal sign of many allergies, but the problem is that a person can be allergic to so many things. It may be the environment, animals, and other elements, so they do not think about mold.

Skin Irritations

Any time there are skin irritations such as a rash or hives it should be looked at by a doctor. This type of problem can be due to stress, certain chemicals in soaps, and detergents, and even a side effect of various medications. If you can rule all of those elements out and you do not have food allergies, there is an excellent chance the cause is mold allergy symptoms.

Sinus Pain and Headaches

Mold exposure can cause sinus pain. As a result, they can feel pressure along the cheekbones, and a headache is common. Such problems often seem like some environmental allergy causes them, but they can also be due to the congestion that the mold is creating within the body.

Trouble Breathing

Any time there are signs that someone is having trouble breathing they should see a doctor. Such mold allergy symptoms are severe and shouldn’t be overlooked. The mold allergy could be causing the airways to tighten up, so a person is taking in less air than they need.

Seek Medical Advise

It is always best to talk to a doctor if you experience any of these mold allergy symptoms. It could be mold or some other factors. Getting to the bottom of what is triggering such problems for you is essential. Your home and place of employment may need to be tested to see if signs of mold exist.

Steps to Controlling your Mold Allergy Symptoms

If you experience mold allergy symptoms, it is imperative that you take action to resolve them. As time goes by your overall symptoms will increase in severity. They will also start to create an array of health concerns for you. You may not be able to recover from some of them. Don’t allow an environment suitable for mold growth.