The Myths About Metal Roofing

The Myths About Metal Roofing

Houston Metal Roofing

Chance of Lightning

When you own a Houston home with metal roofing, there’s no increase in the possibility that it will get hit by lightning. The metal roofing would actually disperse the lightning if any were to strike it. Houston metal roofing also isn’t flammable or combustible, so there’s a very low risk of fire using this type of roofing material. It’s actually safer to use metal roofing when lightning is a concern because the roof can’t catch on fire.

The Noise

Some people think that this metal roofing Houston is going to be louder than other roofing types, but this just doesn’t occur. With the underlayment your
Houston metal roofing contractor installs your roof will be silent, and you won’t hear the rain, hail or other weather on your roof. A metal roof is better for noise reduction than most other roofing types.

Metal Roofing


The metal roofs designed today with proper maintenance can last a lifetime. They have a coating made of zinc and aluminum that eliminates the problems with rusting issues. There’s also paint applied to this coating for a very durable and long lasting roof without issues with rust.


This type of roof won’t have problems with dents, and it can withstand a lot of abuse from the elements for decades. Metal roofs have a 150 mph wind rating which is about the same as an F2 tornado. The meat roof is perfect for the average winter wind storm where other roofs would be damaged with tiles torn off.


A metal roof is exceptionally durable. You can actually walk on metal roofs without a lot of trouble, and the roof won’t take any damage. It’s always best to talk with the roof installer, however, to determine the exact durability of your roof as there may be specific instructions for walking on your roof.

An Estimate

The shape of the roof and the style of roof you want will determine what type of estimate you’ll get from an installer.
Find a metal roofing contractor Houston who can visit your home, look at the roof that you have and give you the various options in metal roofing that are available to you.